HaeKyung Lee Commissions

Music commissioned by the amazing contemporary ballet choreographer Hae Kyung Lee.
quick loans madison wi Entre La Lumiere
Music for Cello, Musique Concre’te Vacuum Cleaners Prepared Piano and Electronics. This suite was commissioned by the amazing choreographer Hae Kyung Lee for the 2012 Ballet Season. This show was performed in Germany, Korea and Los Angeles.

2011 Spring Season and Korean International Dance Festival.

Performances: May 6th and 7th at The Bootleg Theater Los Angeles. May 27th ,28th, and 29th at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex, Cal State Los Angeles.
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Odisea and Piege’

Odisea 1 [audio:http://www.orangedogmusic.com/wp-content/audio/odisea/01.mp3|titles=Odisea 1]
Odisea 2 [audio:http://www.orangedogmusic.com/wp-content/audio/odisea/02.mp3|titles=Odisea 2]
Odisea 7 [audio:http://www.orangedogmusic.com/wp-content/audio/odisea/07.mp3|titles=Odisea 7]
national city installment loan valign=”top”>Odisea 3 [audio:http://www.orangedogmusic.com/wp-content/audio/odisea/03.mp3|titles=Odisea 3]
Odisea 4 [audio:http://www.orangedogmusic.com/wp-content/audio/odisea/05.mp3|titles=Odisea 4]
Odisea 5 [audio:http://www.orangedogmusic.com/wp-content/audio/odisea/06.mp3|titles=Odisea 5]
Piege’ [audio:http://www.orangedogmusic.com/wp-content/audio/odisea/07.mp3|titles=Piege’]

NYmphs Rain UP

This piece premiered in Berlin, and was performed several times in guaranteed loans no phone calls Los Angeles California.

This 2009 commission is an impressionistic piece depicting a day when rain no longer falls to earth but instead, the moisture from the earth is sucked from it;s deepest wells upwards, leaving the terrain dry and dusty.


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Denial [audio:http://www.orangedogmusic.com/wp-content/audio/nymphsrainup/01.mp3|titles=Denial]
The Giving, The Taking [audio:http://www.orangedogmusic.com/wp-content/audio/nymphsrainup/02.mp3|titles=The Giving, The Taking]
Transformation [audio:http://www.orangedogmusic.com/wp-content/audio/nymphsrainup/03.mp3|titles=Transformation]
The New Offering [audio:http://www.orangedogmusic.com/wp-content/audio/nymphsrainup/04.mp3|titles=The New Offering]